The 1999 Mensa Total Eclipse Party
Wednesday 11th August 1999; Rethel, France

Visit a real Champagne Producer

No sparkling wine, however good, can every really be called 'champagne' unless it is produced in this region! We have a special invitation form one of the smaller producers (about 80km south west of Rethel) to learn what it takes to make the worlds most celebrated wine!

The coach leaves 'Home Pillay', Thugny-Trugny at 12.30pm for a little over an hours drive to the vineyard.

On arrival, we will be greeted by the vineyard owner, who will explain the mysteries of producing this fine wine as he shows us round the vineyard and its vaulted caves (with English translation).

Before we leave, we will all be invited to sample to produce of this vineyard and have the chance to purchase as much as we please at heavily discounted rates (c. 80-100FF per bottle).

The coach will leave the vineyard about 4.30pm for a leisurely tour of the countryside on the way back to 'Home Pillay', giving a taste of the sleepy villages and picturesque countryside of this internationally famous region.

N.B. - While there may well be a stop for refreshments on the way back, there are no facilities on the way there or at the vineyard, so those intending to join this tour are advised to have a good early lunch and/or bring sandwiches and drinks!

Total Cost: c.40FF (dependant on numbers)
includes free car parking at 'Home Pillay'
while on the tour.

Those interested should register NOW with
Bernard Colman on +44 (0) 1744 815000