Strange Stories, or why this site is what it is.

This site is made by me because in my opinion the official site of the Dutch Mensa Organization is to dull and bad looking. I hope to make this site a live and vivid site, where on a weekly basis some updates are made by me and other members of Mensa.

I had a dream of the way of maintaining the site. I looked upon it as a organic cooperation of interested members of Mensa. Because i started this i will have a coordinative role.

THe site has been molded in the shape of a Special Interest Group, and i have named it the SMTP.WEB.SIG . SMTP stands for Surfing Mensans en Technical Persons. Ofcourse we nerds know that the abbrevation has an ohter meaning.
Mensans who want to talk about or want to cooperate in making this site, about the future of Mensa on Internet, can subscribe themselves to the mailinglist of the SMTP.WEB.SIG

On the most pages that are linked, there are forms where you can submit your interesting thoughts, links and other knowledgeable concerns. Becouse the way this is done, in the open Internet-way, some mensans do not like this and do not cooperate.
That is why you can only see links of mansans who do not mind being exposed to the public, and are not ashamed being a member of an organization of people with a high IQ or in ohter way highly gifted people. People who do not mind being smarter than others and do not feel uncomfortable having a lot of working brains, or who are not understood by people that haven't.

As a matter of fact we should have our own server for the Dutch Mensa Organization, but the orgazation is not really ripe for Internet, i thing this wil take some time. Only 200 out of the 2000 members do have an e-mail adress, howmany mensans are surfing on the Internet i don't know.
When we have our own server, we can make a real extranet, that is only accessible by members and wher you, fully anonymous for the real world, can move in a virtual world.
This opens the way to fully automate the submission and create fully automatic pages. (i now make use of my notepad to put everything on the site)
We would put the Members-Register on the Extra-net and every member could query this and/or update their entries.
Maybe provide some homepage-space.

And of course in my dream a membershipsform, where you can subscribe to Mensa. When you want to be a member you have to make an IQ test above 140 (i think), nothing more.

greatings from Holland from robin ketelaars who is not ashamed for his membership
Yep...I'm not stupid!